Why are chainsaws so hard to start

Why are Chainsaws So Hard to Start? Here is Why

When you have a chainsaw that is difficult to start, it can be really frustrating. So you might ask why are chainsaws so difficult to start. To get some insights on this issue just read on.

Chainsaws are incredible tools that can prove quite useful when it comes to the cutting of trees, branches, and processing firewood. Like any other power tool, they often start to give trouble after they get older. Some people might think that it is due to certain components ware inside the product, but there might be different reasons behind it.

If you want to ensure that your chainsaw is working correctly and does not cause any trouble starting, then you have to check out a number of possible causes. Even a person who takes better care of their chainsaw might find that some simple issues are preventing the saw from starting.

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So to resolve all these issues, you just have to follow all the things mentioned here. It will help you to get the best outcome and avoid many types of problems when starting the chainsaw.

Check the chainsaw for fuel

The first and most important thing that everyone should check in their chainsaw is that it has a proper amount of fuel in it or not. Nowadays, there are chainsaws that come with indicators that show whether you have low fuel or not.

You need to be aware of whether the chainsaws have a proper fuel mix or not. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the gas oil mix.

So, if you are facing troubles in starting the chainsaw, then it might be due to the fuel issues. You can easily add new fuel to the chainsaw. If you have a battery-powered chainsaw, you should check if it’s ultimately charged or not.

The people with a corded electric chainsaw should consider checking whether the power cord is working correctly or if there are any cuts on the cord.

Add fresh fuel to the chainsaw

Chainsaw gas

If you want to learn why are chainsaws so hard to start, you need to check out whether the fuel has been replaced or not? Sometimes the issues might arise due to the old fuel. It will help you to resolve many problems with the chainsaw.

Replacing the fuel can ensure that your answer is working correctly without any type of hindrance to it. So make sure that you make it a point that whenever you use your chainsaw, you replace the old fuel with freshly mixed fuel.

It is always advised that you should consider adding new fuel to the chainsaw when using it. Such things will help you to ensure that your chainsaw is working in a perfect condition without causing any type of major issues to the owner.
The chainsaw will run much more smoothly with the correct fuel mix and also will have a big impact on the life of the saw as the oil also lubricates the engine. Also, if the fuel mix is incorrect can also be very smoky which pollutes the work environment and is dangerous for the operator.

Check and clean the carburetor

You should also consider cleaning the carburetor to ensure that the chainsaw is working properly. If there is any type of clogging in the chainsaw, then it can cause issues with starting and operation.

That is why if you are facing any type of difficulties in starting the chainsaw, then you should check its carburetor.

It might be clogged with some dust or dirt particles. You can quickly clean it and check whether it is working or not. It is one of the basic steps that everyone should consider when they are using their chainsaw after a long time.

Multiple things can clog the carburetor, and the chainsaw can stop working as a result. So you need to do regular maintenance to keep the chainsaw clean and ensure that it is working properly.

Is the spark plug working?

Another regular explanation for a chainsaw not starting is that the spark plug is old, dirty, damaged, and not producing an effective spark. It is another reason why chainsaws are so hard to start.

Check to ensure the porcelain insulator isn’t broken and that the terminal is not burned. Additionally, check whether there is carbon deposits on the terminals.

If it’s just somewhat dirty, give it a clean, but since spark plugs aren’t costly, it’s simpler just to change it for a new one at any rate.

Avoid flooding the engine

On the off chance that the air filter is dirty or possibly clogged with dust, this will influence the air-to-gas proportion and may keep the motor from starting up. If it doesn’t start, check the air filter and replace it if necessary.

As a major aspect of your general chainsaw maintenance, you should normally clean your air filter, and on the off chance that it turns out to be very grimy, you ought to change it.

The temperature might have an impact on it

Another thing that might have an impact on the chainsaw is the temperature. If you live in a place, which is very cold, then it might become difficult to start the engine as it is not up to a standard temperature.

So you need to keep the chainsaw at a place that has a higher temperature so that the engine is not too cool when starting. So in cases where it’s become difficult to start a chainsaw, then you should consider the temperature as a factor.

It is amongst the main reasons why are chainsaws so hard to start. It is one of the challenges faced by many people.

Resolve any issues with the ignition recoil assembly

Why are chainsaws so hard to startIf you’ve checked everything above and still haven’t found the reason, the following needs to be considered is the ignition recoil spring.

This is the thing that sends voltage to the sparkplug, making it spark, and if this isn’t working, your chainsaw won’t start.

To check if the start loop is at fault, you have to utilize an analyzer. On the off chance that you find this is the explanation for the chainsaw not starting, you will need to replace the assembly.

Conclusion: Why are chainsaws so hard to start?

I hope this answers some of the questions as to why are chainsaws so hard to start? You can check out each of the issues listed above and then immediately resolve them so that you can avoid the frustration of a saw that won’t start.

If you have an old chainsaw, then you should consider getting it repaired by an expert. There might be some technical issues, and if you are not aware of them, then an expert can help you find the best solution.

If you still have issues starting the chainsaw I would suggest getting an electric chainsaw, a cordless or corded saw will work for many people and starting is not an issue with these saws.

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