What to look for when buying a chainsaw

What to look for when buying a chainsaw

In case you are looking to acquire a chainsaw and you are stuck on what to choose among the wide array of available options, then I hope this article will make your task a little easier.

For starters, the invention of the chainsaw has been a blessing to mankind. It has made pruning, trimming and cutting trees much easier and efficient and safer. Try and imagine how labor intensive it would be trying to cut a humongous tree with an axe, like it was back in the old days.

It would always be back-breaking work that only a select few could manage. Luckily, we now have chainsaws that can cut the widest trees in the jungle in just a matter of minutes.

What is more, the new model chainsaws have features that are meant to make the lumberjack extremely comfortable while at work. They are all about technique, as opposed to labor intensiveness and this makes working with them much easier

This is what should you look for when buying a chainsaw?

One of the most important things you need to look out for before acquiring a chainsaw is its mode of power. To ascertain the power mode that will work best for you, it`s imperative that you first assess your needs and your environment.

This will give you a clear picture of exactly the type of chainsaw power model that will suit your needs. The power options that are currently available in the market are:

1. Gas-powered chainsaw

Gas powered chainsaws are the most common and have been the preferred choice for the majority of users all over the world. Their sheer power, mobility, and general ease of use has made them a favorite among users over the years.

If you have a large property with extremely big trees, you need a high performance chainsaw, and a gasoline-powered one definitely fits the bill.

Additionally, if you`re constantly working in the jungle or extremely remote areas where there is no electricity, you will have no choice but to work with a gasoline-powered chainsaw.

As long as there is fuel in the tank, you can work all day without even taking breaks. See our top recommendation for gas chainsaw here.

2. Battery powered chainsaw

They usually don`t pack a lot of punch compared to gas powered chainsaws, and are thus suitable for cutting small trees & brush, pruning and trimming.  However, there are new models that work with as much efficiency and power as that of a gasoline chainsaw.

One of the major limitations of a battery powered cordless chainsaw is that it needs to be recharged after every 40 minutes-1 hour of use. This can be a huge distraction if you want to work non-stop or if you are working too far away from a power source.

Moreover, the weight of the battery is also an issue that you need to consider, because it tends to make the chainsaw a little bit heavier.
It is also good to note that batteries tend to have a pre-defined lifespan, after which they are no longer usable and will need to be replaced.

You will thus have to be prepared to incur battery replacement costs after a certain period of use. The lifespan of most of Lithium ion batteries is usually 2-3 years.  See our top recommendation for cordless chainsaws here.

3. Electric-powered chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are quite common these days, and are a good fit if you are working on an area that is near a source of power. One of the major limitations of an electric chainsaw is the cord-length, since most usually don`t go beyond 100ft.

However, one of the biggest advantages of this model is based on the fact that you will be using clean and cheap energy. You can just use your homes electricity, without incurring the extra cost of gasoline.  See our top recommendation for corded electric chainsaws.

Other important factors that you need to look for when buying a chainsaw are:

●Power-to-weight ratio

Power comes into play when you are working on hardwood and large mature trees. The higher the engine CC, the more power the chainsaw packs, but this also means the heavier the chainsaw is likely to be.

Commercial lumbermen will be fine with a 120cc chainsaw because they are trained professionals. However, for personal home use, a 30cc-45cc chainsaw will be ideal.

●Safety features

-Chain break
-Low-kickback chain
-Low vibration

A chainsaw with a small-to-medium engine is more stable because it weighs less and is thus easier to handle. Stability is also greatly determined by the length of the guide bar. The longer it is, the lower the stability. You are more likely to cause an accident if a chainsaw is not stable.

●Length of the guide bar
the guide bar determines the amount of wood you are able to cut on a single pass. The higher the length, the more wood the chainsaw is able to cut on a single pass.

However, longer guide bars don`t always translate to higher efficiency. In fact, the longer the guide bar the more difficult it is to handle and control the chainsaw. Professional lumbermen are able to control bar lengths of up to 20 and above inches, but the same length can be problematic to the average Joe/Jane.

●Vibration intensity
Look for a chainsaw that has low vibrations, because its performance will more efficient and it will be less likely to cause hand injuries.

Electric and battery powered chainsaws are considered more eco-friendly, because they don`t emit any harmful gases. However, if you are buying a gasoline chainsaw, be prepared to deal with the emissions.

If you live in a highly populous neighborhood, you should be wary of causing noise disturbance. It may, therefore, be wise to invest in an electric or battery powered chainsaw, because gasoline ones tend to produce a lot of noise.

●Ease of maintenance
-Look for chainsaws that have the following features:
-Auto oiling
-Easy chain adjustment
-Air cleaning compartment

●Overall user-friendliness
-Spring assist start

Conclusion: What to look for when buying a chainsaw

With the above info, you should be able to make a much more informed decision the next time you are buying a chainsaw. In case you have any more questions regarding chainsaws, contact us anytime and we will be happy to address your concerns.

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