What is the Best Cordless Chainsaw

What is the Best Cordless Chainsaw? This will surprise you

I spent a lot of time trying to determine what is the best cordless chainsaw before I decided to try one. I have been a gas chainsaw user all my life and really could not see how these saws could compete.

But I was pleasantly surprised as you will find out how I found the best cordless chainsaw and discovered what it could achieve in a real-world situation.

In the last decade, there have been a lot of changes in the chainsaw. From electric to the cordless chainsaw, everything has changed significantly. There are some high capacity lead storage cells that have greatly improved the function of the motor that provides more power efficient performance.

In the last decade, there have been a lot of changes in the chainsaw. From electric to the cordless chainsaw, everything has changed significantly. There are some high capacity lead storage cells that have greatly improved the function of the motor that provides more power-efficient performance. 

Cordless chainsaws offer quiet and clean cutting to ensure that there are no issues at the worksite. These saws are well balanced and provide effective results.

The battery will run for a long time so that the users do not face any issues when using them. If you want to use the best quality of cordless saw, then you should check out the list mentioned below. 

Here you will find information about some of the best chainsaw options available in the market. You can check out the features of the chainsaw to get an idea about what you can expect from a particular chainsaw. Get all the required details to ensure that you get the best chainsaw for your needs.

This chainsaw offers high performance due to the 48v lithium-ion battery that helps in providing fade-free power. It ensures that there is no memory loss after you charge the chainsaw. It also has a robust 12-inch steel chain and bar.

When you use the tool-less chain, then it offers you ease of use so that you can get the best quality cutting performance whenever you use this cordless chainsaw.

The 3/8-inch chain delivers the right amount of power so that it can cut through wood without any kickback from the chainsaw. One of the best things about using this saw is that it has an automatic oiler. It helps in applying the oil to the bar and the chain whenever you need to do it.

The oiling help in keeping the chainsaw in good working order and you can easily use the product without any worries. It also offers you a clear view of the oil level so that you can refill as required. The tool is compatible with the G-Max 2.0 Ah battery.


  • High Performance
  • G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery ensure no memory loss after charging
  • Robust 12-inch steel chain and bar
  • Offers ease of use
  • Provide the maximum cutting performance
  • 3/8-inch chain pitch provides the ability to trim easily
  • It can cut the limbs with negligible kickback
  • Automatic oiler
  • Durable


  • 12 inch guide bar may be a bit small for some.
  • Some report chain kept coming off.

For raw power and performance, which equals a gas engine up to 40 CC, this chainsaw is a great 16-inch chainsaw. It can provide you optimal performance with its Redlink Plus intelligence. It also has overload protection so that there are no damages to the battery and the saw when you apply full power over an extended period.

It will also maintain compatibility across the M18 systems. The product is compatible with all the Red lithium battery packs. It also has 50% more power. When you use the cordless chainsaw, you will realize that it also remains 50% cooler as compared to other cordless chainsaws.

The product comes to the superior pack construction so that it can be used as harsh job environments. You can also utilize various speeds of the chainsaw with the speed trigger to get complete control. Many users find this chainsaw quite useful as it is not noisy and provides a fast cut without any issues with starting.


  • Powerstate brushless motor
  • Built for the M18 FUEL 16-inch chainsaw
  • Create the control and performance of a gas engine up to 40 cc
  • Optimal performance
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence
  • Overload protection
  • Compatible with all M18 REDLITHIUM battery
  • Delivers 50% more power
  • Adjustable speed trigger for full control
  • Higher pack construction
  • 16 inch Oregon bar and chain


  • No major issues.

One of the reasons to go for this cordless chainsaw is because it offers you an improved power output along with greater efficiency. You can quickly minimize the downtime of the chainsaw. When you are using the chainsaw, it remains oiled as it has a built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system, which will reduce the friction and increase the saw’s runtime.

Another great thing about using this cordless chainsaw is that it is lightweight. That is what makes it easier to use when you are using the chainsaw.

When you are cutting a tree, it remains very quiet. It does not have any pull cords as you just start it with the pull of a trigger. Due to the premium cell technology, it does not fade in power, along with holding the charge for more than a month.

On a single battery charge, you can run the cordless chainsaw for cutting about 400 branches, all of them 2 to 3-inch in diameter.


  • Brushless motor for higher efficiency and power output.
  • PowerSharp chain to minimize the downtime.
  • Built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system.
  • Lightweight for comfort.
  • Ease of use.
  • Silent between cuts.
  • Start the chainsaw with the pull of a trigger.
  • Premium cell technology.
  • No-fade power and holds a charge in storage for a month.
  • It can cut 400 branches approx. 2-3 Inch on a single battery charge.
  • Saw Weight with Guide Bar and Chain is around 12.0 lb adding the weight of the battery.


  • None reported.

Even though Husqvarna has made their name producing some of the best gas-powered chainsaws on the market, I was surprised to find they also offer a range of electric chainsaws.

This cordless chainsaw with a 40V battery is capable of doing most jobs a casual user would require around the yard. It will also be very useful if you need to cut down smaller trees or cut firewood around the farm or ranch.


  • Brushless high torque motor.
  • 40-Volt battery powered saw.
  • Automatic chain oiling system.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Intertia activated chain brake for safety.
  • Silent when not cutting.
  • Simple push-button start.
  • Tool-less chain tensioner.
  • Low emissions.


  • Not as powerful as their gas models.
  • Battery discharges quickly.

Why buy an electric chainsaw as opposed to a gas one?


If you need a chainsaw for doing occasional trimming branches or cutting small trees around you property then a cordless electric chainsaw is a great option for you. They are easy to start, no gas/oil mixing, and less noisy than a gas model.

If you are going to use the saw on a regular basis to cut large trees far from your home then a gas chainsaw may be a better option. However, cordless electric saws and batteries are improving all the time and compare favorably with gas chainsaws up to 45cc or possibly more.


So these are all the details that you should know about what is the best cordless chainsaw available in the market. It will help you to make the right decision when you are planning to purchase a new one.

You can look for all the features and only then make a decision. Things like weight, battery, ease of use, and many similar things are essential. It helps in providing you the assurance that you can efficiently utilize the cordless chainsaw in the workplace.

Most professionals use different types of cordless chainsaws for specific kinds of work, and more are using cordless chainsaws as they are now competing favorably with gas chainsaws in many instances.

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