Poulan Pro 5020 Chainsaw Reviews

Poulan Pro 5020 Chainsaw Reviews

If you are looking to purchase a chainsaw and you would like to see some Poulan pro 5020 chainsaw reviews then read on.

When it comes to manufacturing chainsaws Poulan has a reputation for building saws that offer durability, performance, and power.

They have been producing quality products for many years for not only the home and casual users but also for the professional logger who needs robust chainsaws the are in use daily in the harshest environments.

Poulan Pro 20” PR5020 gas-powered chainsaw is one of the best model saws available on the market if you are looking for a powerful chain saw that is lightweight and easy to use but also has lots of power for even the most demanding professional loggers.

This saw is best suited to those who require a machine that is suitable for heavy professional use. However, it is also great for the home user who will need a bigger saw for cutting large trees or cutting firewood. It is probably overkilled for casual jobs around the yard.

If you need a chainsaw that can handle the toughest jobs in the forest, then Poulan Pro PR5020 is the perfect saw for you.

The following are some of the main features of the Poulan Pro 20” PR5020 gas-powered chainsaw.

The engine.
The saw is powered by a 50cc 2 stroke gas powered engine With the OxyPower engine technology the deliver all the power you need for 95% of professional users. OxyPower technology delivers reduced emissions and uses 20% less fuel.

Bar and chain
The saw comes with a 20-inch bar which again is sufficient for the majority of users. The bar and chain are designed to minimize kickback as this can be an issue with bigger engine saws.

Reduced kickback design and an easy to start engine make this saw safer to operate. The combined choke/stop control allows faster starting and instant stop that reduces the risk of injury when the saw is not running.

Other features.

Automatic bar and chain lubrication

The Poulan Pro 5020 has an automatic bar and chain lubrication system as most quality saw have this as it is a must for a powerful chainsaw like the 5020.  

The chain and bar need oil to work properly as lubrication IS very important to avoid excessive wear on the guide bar and chain and also this will lead to less maintenance and a longer life for the saw.

Anti-Vibration System

This Poulan also features a spring-type anti-vibration system that helps reduce vibration and therefore operator fatigue.

Easy Starting

Starting the saw is relatively easy provided you follow Poulans recommendations. It has an Effortless Pull-Start System (EPS) for easy fast starting with minimal cord-pulling. If the saw is well maintained then starting any gas chainsaw is easy.

Adding Fuel

Mixing and adding fuel to the saw is simple and be sure to check the manufacture’s recommended oil to gas ratio.

Chain Tensioning System

It has a side mounted chain tensioning system that makes adjusting the chain a breeze. The chain brake mechanism seems to work well and will protect you from kickback. It should also be engaged when the saw is running but not in use.


The Poulan 5020 comes with a 2-year limited warranty for extra peace of mind.

The Cons:

This is a heavy chainsaw but what you would expect from a powerful 20 inch model.

It is probably overkill for a casual user.


Poulan have made it easy to maintain their saws in top condition and they have provided easy to follow videos on their site so anybody can do the basic maintenance tasks.

The saw comes with a multi-purpose tool that is built into the handle so it is always available to use when needed. The tool can be used to adjust the tension of the chain or replace the spark plug and general maintenance.

Servicing the Poulan Pro 5020 chainsaw is relatively easy and straightforward. Adding gas and chain oil is a simple task. Of course, you will need to use the correct gas oil mixture as per the user manual.

Replacing the chain, spark plug or the air filter is simple to do and something anybody can do.

If you need to sharpen the chain you will need to purchase a special sharpening tool or take the chain to your local chainsaw specialist to have it sharpened. A file can also be used the sharpen the chain but requires some skill to avoid damaging the chain

After each use, clean the saw and remove sawdust using a mild detergent. Inspect the unit for any damaged or loose parts. Pay particular attention to the chain and guide bar.


If you need a powerful versatile chainsaw for working around the farm or ranch or processing larger quantities of firewood then this is a saw worth considering due to the build quality and a very competitive price point. Check the latest price here and more Poulan Pro 5020 Chainsaw reviews.

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