Free online chainsaw safety course

Free online chainsaw safety course

Felling trees and cutting timber with a chainsaw is one of the most dangerous jobs anybody can undertake. Therefore it is essential that anybody even the casual user should at the very minimum take a free online chainsaw safety course.

Preferably one should take a practical course as they are available at a minimal cost in most areas of the country.  Considering the thousands of horrendous injuries caused by chainsaws each it is a small price to pay.

In the meantime checkout this free online chainsaw safety training video from Stihl.

Free online chainsaw safety course

What does a chainsaw safety course offer?

A basic chainsaw course includes the following:

Know your chainsaw

This module outline the safety features of the chainsaw. It also includes how to check the chain brake, chain tension, and kickback protection features.

Basic maintenance is also included which demonstrates how to check and adjust the chain tension, sharpen the chain, check the oil level and fuel quality, check and replace the filter.

Safety requirements and PPE

This is one of the most important parts of the course. It covers chainsaw safety chaps or pants, boots, gloves, helmets, and ear protection.

Site preparation for chainsaw use

Demonstrates how to do an assessment of the site before you start the saw to identify and hazards that need to be taken into account. 

Chainsaw start-up instruction.

This is an area where many new chain saw owners have difficulty starting a chainsaw which can be dangerous. It includes a demonstration of how to safely start a chainsaw.

Chainsaw operation and best practices

A risk assessment on the work to be done should be carried out prior to starting the job to identify any hazards.  The course should include demonstrations on cross cutting and felling trees.

Post operation inspection.

After you have completed the job at hand it is advised to clean the saw and remove any dust or debris. Check the chain for any damage. Replace the chain cover to avoid any accidents or damage to the chain or guide bar.


The importance of attending a chainsaw safety course cannot be overstated. This is true even if you only use a chainsaw occasionally around the yard or farm or ranch. 

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