Best Way to Fell a Leaning Tree What Not to Do

Here is the scenario, you own a chainsaw and have some experience using it around the yard to trim branches or cut a small tree. Now you have a much larger tree that’s a leaner and you are concerned it will fall with the next storm causing considerable damage. So you are wondering how to fell a leaning tree?

You get a price to have it taken down professionally by a local arborist and you are stunned at the cost and so you decide you are going to have a go at cutting it down yourself. Bad decision, especially if it is leaning in the opposite direction to the direction you want it to come down.

Best Way to Fell a Leaning Tree - Watch This

Now if the tree is leaning in the direction you want it to come down and when you have somebody that’s not very experienced at all in cutting trees down they sometimes look at a tree like this and they think well that’s an easy one right there and I know right where it’s going to land.

So they go at it with their saw and next thing you know it all goes wrong and in the best case, they get a severe fright and worst case the tree comes down on their property causing considerable damage or worse still injure themselves or a member of their family. Then the cost of getting a specialist in to get the job done does not seem that expensive.

Now I am not an arborist or professional logger although I have cut down a lot of trees over the years I do not consider myself an authority on the subject. This is why I would urge caution especially if the tree is close to yours or your neighbors property.

There are so many variables every tree is different and all the hazards can vary so if you ever feel uncomfortable about cutting a tree there’s probably a good reason for it you probably need to just walk away from it or get somebody to help you that’s a little bit more experienced in my opinion.

The basic equipment you will need.

  • A chainsaw
  • Axe
  • Felling wedges

Safety Equipment is a Must.

When operating a chainsaw whether you are felling, cutting branches, limbing, or bucking trees, you need to wear the following protective gear:

  • Helmet with ear and face protection
  • Protective pants or chaps
  • Steel toed leather boots with high ankle support
  • Gloves

Be alert and aware of your surroundings while operating the chainsaw.

This is the Best Way to Fell a Leaning Tree

Felling a tree with chainsaw requires planning and should be well thought through even if you have experience using chainsaws. It is a good idea to have somebody with experience on hand especially if its your first tree.

Be sure you have permission to cut the tree and have any necessary permits.

Next, make sure you have all the safety gear in place and the chainsaw chain is sharp and you have sufficient gas and chain oil.

Best Way to Fell a Leaning Tree

Check where the tree is located and decide where you intend to come down. Make sure there are no cars, buildings, fences, powerlines, and especially people in the area.

Felling a tree with a chainsaw requires planning and should be well thought through even if you have experience using chainsaws. It is a good idea to have somebody with experience on hand especially if it’s your first tree.

Identify one or more routes for escape before cutting the tree.

When you are working near a place that is surrounded by houses or other buildings, then it might become difficult for you to get out of the way when the tree starts to fall.

That is why you need to focus on creating two or more routes for you to escape when you’re finished with cutting the tree so that you do not suffer any injuries. This is one of the most crucial tasks for every beginner and many fail to do this and removing any debris in this area is also important.

How to fell a leaning tree here are the steps.

You can follow some simple steps. Make sure that you always have safety in mind at the worksite to avoid any significant problems.

Understand the right angels to cut.

First, you have to look at different types of angles that might help you to cut down the tree in a perfect position.

By making the correct notch, you can cut the tree at a specific angle and make it fall in any direction you wish.

How to fell a leaning treeYou need to use the chainsaw to cut a notch on tree in the direction you need the tree to fall. So you need to focus on making perfect cuts on the tree to avoid any type of significant problems with it. Then start cutting the tree at the opposite to where you cut the notch.

Next, you need to start using wedges if you have a big tree. It is because the wedges will help in preventing the tree from falling in any wrong direction and avoid the possibility of the guide bar and chain getting trapped in the cut.

Finally, you need to make the final cut. Make sure that you do it when everyone is in safe position. Always be ready for any danger such as the tree getting trapped in a nearby tree. This will present its own issues and can be difficult to dislodge safely.

When you have safely felled the tree then you will need to cut away the branches and this can be dangerous also as some limbs may be trapped under the tree and are difficult to cut as they can trap the bar or spring back when cut which can cause injury if you are not careful.

When you start to learn about the best way to fell a leaning tree, you will also learn about its dangers. You need to make sure that you are aware of all types of hazards that might arise. You must understand all the dangers of using tools like a chainsaw or ax. When you take proper precautions, you can surely avoid many problems.

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So now you might have some idea about the best way to fell a leaning tree. You must keep all the things mentioned here in mind. Such things will help in reducing the risks and ensure that you complete the work without facing too many problems. There will always be some minor issues, but with your skills and quick reactions, you can avoid them

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