Best Husqvarna chainsaw for home use

Best Husqvarna chainsaw for home use

Woodworking is not my 9 to 5, but I do it for enjoyment and to save money and make more of it. One of the lessons I have learned through the years since I inherited the craft from my father is that tools make the man. A chainsaw is one of those must-have tools if you regularly interact with wood as I do.

You may or may not be a professional woodworker or arborist, but when it’s time for spring cleaning or making a DIY baby crib, you will appreciate the benefits of a reliable chainsaw. One of the most dependable chainsaw brands is Husqvarna. The brand is globally renowned for its top of the line chainsaws from cordless to gas and electric corded chainsaw. Let’s find out which saw is best for your needs.

What is the Best Husqvarna Chainsaws for Home Use

This is a small and portable gas chain saw that could adequately meet your logging and wood splitting needs at home. The Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 inch Gas Chainsaw runs on a 3.75 HP engine that yields chain speeds of 10,200 RPM. What that means is that you may be able to power through all your jobs with this machine, fast and efficiently.

You might appreciate that this model leverages low-kickback design features to dial back the risk of injuries. The safety brake automatically stops the engine when you hit an object. That’s a thoughtful feature, in my opinion, considering that kickback is one of the major causes of the 28000 chainsaw injuries that happen every year.

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 inch Gas Chainsaw is designed for tool-less chain tensioning. Chain adjustment is necessary and crucial for the smoother operation of a saw’s chain system. The other notable feature here is the 14-inch bar length. That implies that you may able to split or fell up trunk thicknesses of up to ten inches in one swoop. That means speed and efficiency. See Manuals here


· Lightweight (10 pounds) and compact for limitless portability

· Comes with safety features such as a built-in brake

· Powerful engine

· Tool-less chain adjustment


· Takes several pulls to start

· No scabbard

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 inch Gas Chainsaw might work well for light duties, but if you need something for your heavy applications, consider the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chain Saw. This is still a gas chainsaw model that packs reliable power.

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chain Saw uses a two-cycle 55.5 cc engine. This engine can deliver the power to rip through the toughest and thickest of wood without faltering. Its bar length is 20 inches long, which means that the saw can handle tree thicknesses of 16 inches and below in a single pass.

Husqvarna has included an automatic oiler system on this model.

That’s an addition that could significantly reduce downtime when working with this machine. The system automatically lubricates the chain and bar for cutting efficiency without you having to stop and do it manually.

Further, there is a side-mounted chain tensioning system that allows users to attain easy chain positioning while working. This is another feature that would make working with this chain saw an enjoyable experience. The high powered saw also has ergonomics that may help to reduce the impact of vibration-related hand injuries.


· Packs lots of power and a bigger engine

· It’s designed for faster performance

· Automatic oiler and chain tensioning saves time

· Bar cover included for safety


· It is a super noisy model this one

· It’s heavy

Cordless electric chainsaws are battery-powered. That makes them super convenient if you have to wander far into the woods or work far from a power source. They are also considerably lighter than gas chainsaws and thus highly maneuverable for jobs that require precision such as wood carving. Cordless electric chainsaws are also quieter and easier to manage; they can be especially nifty for new beginners.

The Husqvarna 14 Inch 120i Cordless Chainsaw uses 40-Volt batteries that may prove to be long-lasting and reliably and powerful. You will have the ability to control power usage via a keypad with SAVE mode. You can opt to use more or less power, depending on the nature of the job.

This Husqvarna saw makes use of the inertia activated chain brake system. As is the case with the other reviewed model, this is a safety feature that significantly reduces kickback accidents. Additionally, there is a bar cover that minimizes chain exposures and injuries in the middle of a job.

There is an automatic chain oiler that keeps the chain running smoothly. It helps with the efficiency, speed, and durability of the bar and chain system. Also, this is an extremely lightweight saw (2.6 pounds) that you may find comfortable to use all day with minimal chances of fatigue.


· The 14-inch bar for tackling thick logs

· Works noiselessly and is highly portable

· Automatic oiler system


· Batteries die fast

· Built for extremely light and small jobs

Safety concerns when operating a chainsaw

Do not operate chainsaws when you are fatigued, medicated, or intoxicated— these are cutting tools, and a single second of inattentiveness could be what it takes to cause serious injury.

Keep your saws well maintained—a chainsaw that is not regularly oiled or sharpened may not work well, and have a heightened risk for kickback and breakdown.

Maintain the right chain tensioning as you work–loose chains can fall off while too tight chains may overheat and cause burns.

Hold the saw firmly when working with it—maintain secure footing a have two points of contact with the saw; one hand on the rear handle and the other on the front handle.

Wear personal protective equipment when working with chainsaws—PPE, like rubber gloves, can minimize the risk of cuts or vibration on your hands. Hearing protection is also necessary when working with noisy gas-powered saws. Other PPE includes sturdy footwear and helmets and ear protection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gas or the electric chainsaw, which one is the best for home use?

Electric chainsaws are usually smaller and portable. They work noiselessly and can be easier to maintain. Nonetheless, most of them do not have the power it takes to cut large trees or hardwood workpieces. Gas saws may have more maintenance requirements and might be a tad heavier, but they pack extra power and efficiency.

What is the optimal size of the home chainsaw?

The bar length of your chainsaw should always be 2 inches thicker than the size of trees or branches you intend to use on. For removing limbs, removing branches and felling small to medium-sized trees, chainsaw sizes between 6 and 18 inches are acceptable.


Husqvarna chainsaws stand out in the market for their power, safety, and efficiency. The above review should help you choose the perfect Husqvarna saw that meets your needs. And hey, don’t forget the safety precautions.

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