Best Chinese Clone Chainsaw

Best Chinese Clone Chainsaw

Selecting the right chainsaw is a matter of understanding what you will be using it for, and identifying a chainsaw powerful enough to handle it. While there is a wide array of saws on the market, it is not easy to go online or walk into a store and pick up the best Chinese clone chainsaw for your needs.

The main reason most people opt for a cheap Chinese chainsaw is obviously to do with price. This type of saw will work fine if you are a very casual user doing light work.

Understanding the chain blade type, the horsepower, along with the bar length is worthwhile. Below is all you need to know about Chinese Clone Chainsaws.

How to Select the Best Chinese Clone Chainsaw?

If you are wondering how to pinpoint the best chainsaw to get the job done there are a number of key factors that will influence your choice. Do you intend to cut small diameter trees or delimb branches or cut firewood?

The decision can also depend on your budget. You’ve got to choose one that suits the type of tasks you have in mind, as well as one that fits your budgetary.

In case you’re only planning to do some garden work, an electric chainsaw would be great! Most of these chainsaws are lightweight and can be easily handled by inexperienced users. What’s more, they are less expensive compared to gas chainsaws.

However, if you’re planning to use the saw on heavy tasks, you might want to consider the gas saws. Most importantly, avoid purchasing a super-powerful chainsaw if you are inexperienced.

A lot of people have acquired serious injuries while trying to use saws that are too powerful for them.

What Are The Chainsaw Varieties Available to Choose from?

Generally, there are three main sizes of chainsaws. The mini saws are perfect for very light trimming work. The mid and heavy-duty saws can be useful in cutting down trees among other large projects.

Mini saws range in engine power from 25 to 40 ccs. With bar length ranging between 12 to 15 inches, they are well capable of cutting firewood and removing dead trees at ease.

If you’re a professional arborist or work in the logging industry, you’ll need to purchase a heavy-duty chainsaw. These saws are extremely powerful and heavy. What’s more, they run between 60cc and 120cc with a bar length of up to 4 feet. Of course, chainsaws can only handle trees whose diameter is twice the guide bar length.

Among the crucial features to look out for is the oiling mechanism. Of course, the friction created by the chain as it runs along the bar is immense. While most chainsaws have an automatic oiling system, there are models with a button where you can press repeatedly before every cut.

A few chainsaws feature an adjustable oiling system that helps in preventing the saw from lubricating when idle – thus, saving a lot of oil.

If that’s not all, you can opt for electric saws that are generally less powerful. However, they are useful if there is no heavy work being done. Most electric saws rely on power cords – making it difficult to use far from home or a power source. Fortunately, there are a few cordless saws available.

Top Three Best Chinese Clone Chainsaw Worth Purchasing

Are you looking to cut through stubborn trees fast and effortlessly? You’ll want to try out this saw. The 2.4 HP Gas Chainsaw features an anti-kickback chain that is safe for inexperienced users.

You’re sure to adjust the tightness of the chain, air filters, carburetor, and fuel with ease. The easy adjustment provides you with the control that ensures optimum performance. In the case of prolonged use, the saw is lightweight and ergonomic.



  • Has a powerful 2.4HP 45cc engine.
  • 22 Inch guide bar and train.
  • Electric ignition and auto choke for easy start.
  • Quick release engine clean air filter.
  • Automatic chain oiler.
  • Anti-vibration design.
  • Easy quick start/stop system for increased safety.


  • Depending on where you live spare parts can be an issue to source.
  • Can overheat with prolonged use.

This is an ideal chainsaw for casual use like trimming and storm cleanup around the garden or farm as it offers amazing value for money.

This is another powerful chainsaw that will cut firewood with ease. The saw boasts of great design with safety features that you would expect from the top manufacturers.

With a 54.6cc 2-cycle engine, the 1.9 kW motor ensures consistent performance. The 18 inch guide bar and chain ensures that you fell larger trees with ease. The saw starts instantly with a simple push of a button.




  • It has a 54.6CC 22.5 kW 2 cycle gas engine.
  • 18 inch Chain Guide Bar.
  • Instant push-button start.
  • Safety valve throttle switch protects against accidental start.
  • Automatic chain lubrication.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle with anti-slip and anti-vibration design.


  • Some have reported problems starting the saw.
  • Not as sturdy as more expensive chainsaws.

If you’re looking to buy a powerful saw, you might want to check out the Ridgeyard heavy duty saw with the forged crankshaft for optimum strength and durability. The saw features a low vibration design that minimizes noise to provide comfortable operation.

Also, the saw combines the start/stop in a switch making it very easy and smooth to use. It has a good air-intake system that prevents debris and dust from clogging in the engine. An ideal saw tree pruning, cutting firewood or storm clean up.



  • Powerful 52CC Professional 2-Stroke Gas Engine.
  • It has a 22 Inch Chain Guide Bar.
  • Heavy-duty crankshaft for maximum durability.
  • Combined start/stop for easy smooth safe operation.


  • The manual is poor and difficult to understand.
  • Not as well designed as more established brands.


The best Chinese clone chainsaw is a matter of choice. You will get what you pay for as with any purchase. I would recommend one only for very casual use. The price is going to be the main attraction. You should also be aware that it is difficult to find spare parts for some models.

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