Best chainsaw under 250 Dollars thats right for you

If you are a homeowner and especially if you live in the countryside, you know how useful a chainsaw can be when it comes to trimming branches or cutting down small trees around the yard. Finding the best chainsaw under 250 dollars that is efficient and powerful enough for your needs can be a challenge.

Chainsaws are used by many different types of individuals that range from homeowners to landscapers, farmers, ranchers, carpenters, and arborists to name just a few. A saw that costs less than $250 is generally more suited to the casual user.

There are 2 main types of chainsaws namely electric and gas-powered chainsaws. Electric chainsaws can either be corded or powered by a battery (cordless).

The most powerful type of chainsaw has to be the gas-powered models. It has a gas engine that helps produce more cutting power compared to its electric counterpart. Thanks to its power and longer bar length, you can use the gas-powered chainsaw to cut large trees.

Before you choose between electric or gas cordless chainsaw, you need to ask yourself whether you need a high powered chainsaw for light cutting or cutting deep in the woods. In this article, we will look at the best chainsaw under 250 that are ideal for both casual and professional users.

Different requirements for the Best Chainsaw under 250 Dollars

The requirements for chainsaws vary if you are either a professional or casual user. If you are a casual user, you may need a chainsaw for wood cutting, timber harvesting, or tree pruning. On the other hand, arborists and woodcutters require a chainsaw for larger tree felling.

While casual users may prefer a small chainsaw, professional users require a chainsaw that meets their demands. In this case, a professional user requires a chainsaw with a longer guide bar and chain that is durable and delivers power and speed.

Do home / casual users need a gas-powered chainsaw or a cordless electric chainsaw?

If you are a home user, the question that you should be asking yourself is should you get a gas-powered chainsaw or cordless electric chainsaw? The answer is a cordless electric chainsaw. This machine is ideal for cutting and pruning small trees, and for landscaping your backyard.

Check out the following list of 5 to find the best electric chainsaw under 250 dollars.

Our first pick on this list of chainsaws under $250 for home users is Oregon CS1500 Cordless Chainsaw. It features a brushless motor that produces a powerful combination of torque and speed.

The 40V MAX battery can deliver up to 600 cuts on a single charge. Oregon CS1500 has an 18’’ bar blade that cuts through different branches without producing large noises.

What I like about Oregon CS1500 Cordless Chainsaw is the PowerSharp Sharpening System. With this system, you can easily sharpen the blade by just pulling a red lever which is located on the side.

Worx WG322 Cordless Chainsaw is another wonderful electric chainsaw I found online that delivers power while cutting trees. This 20V Power Share chainsaw offers fast and clean cuts. Worx WG322 Cordless Chainsaw features an automatic chain lubrication system that allows for efficient and smoother cuts.

Weighing only 6.2 lbs., Worx WG322 Cordless Chainsaw is lightweight enough which reduces strain on your arms, hands, back, and legs. Other features that make Worx WG322 a great electric cordless chainsaw include automatic chain tension system, automatic oiling system, and 10-inch bar.

Next on this list of best chainsaws under $250 is EGO Power+ Cordless Chainsaw.

This electric cordless chainsaw delivers power beyond belief. It has a 14-inch bar and brushless motor that provides smooth cuts.

The brushless motor extends the run time as well as the life of the machine. EGO Power+ Cordless Chainsaw features chain tensioning knob and chain kickback brake that offer safety and control.

There is a good reason Black & Decker features on this list of saws under 250 dollars.

This particular electric chainsaw is packed with tons of great features, including a 10-inch chain and bar, automatic oiling system and 20V lithium battery.

Thanks to its compact size, Black + Decker Cordless Chainsaw is perfect for chopping wood and trimming branches. What makes this chainsaw stand out from its competitors is that it is equipped with safety features, is easy to use, and generates less noise.

Greenworks has established itself as a leading manufacturer of gardening tools. Whether it is getting the yard in great shape or completing the deck,

Greenworks offers a wide variety of tools which include pole saw, sweepers, trimmers, and chainsaws.

Greenworks 12’’ Cordless Chainsaw is a great saw for beginners. Its lightweight and compact design make it portable and easy to use. This electric cordless chainsaw features a tool-less chain tensioning as well as an automatic oiler for easy and efficient maintenance.

What type of chainsaw is available for a professional user under $250?

For professionals a gas-powered chainsaw is usually preferred. These types of chainsaws are fast, durable and more efficient which allows users to cut more trees in less time.
Many professional users will own more that one saw, a powerful machine for felling large trees and a smaller lighter saw for cutting and trimming smaller trees and branches.

The following are the best gas-powered chainsaws under $250.

My first pick on this list of best gas-powered chainsaw under 250 is Poulan Pro PR5020. This chainsaw is large enough for big jobs as well as agile for medium and light work.

It features a 50cc DuraLife engine and chromium-plated cylinders that make it hardwearing. Also, it has an automatic chain oiler that comes with tools for maintenance.

What I like about the Poulan Pro PR5020 is the easy start system that reduces pull force by 30 percent, making it easier to start. Thanks to the choke / stop safety feature, you can be sure that the chainsaw will function as safely as possible.

Another advantage of the PR5020 is the OxPower engine that offers lower emissions and greater efficiency.

Second, on this list of best gas-powered chainsaw under 250 is Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw. It is a 16’’ bar saw that weighs 9.3 pounds. `

Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw has an easy to start feature and a powerful 38cc engine with X Torq technology which increases fuel economy and reduces emissions.

The quick-release air filter makes cleaning very easy. What I like about this chainsaw is the fact that it is lightweight and easy to carry. Also, it has a 2 cycle engine that comes with a built-in chain brake system, which makes it safer and easier to use.

Remington RM 4216 is equipped with a 5 point anti-vibration system that offers more balance and comfort. The RM 4216 has a long 16‘’ bar that makes it ideal for cutting medium to large-sized branches.

The first selling point of Remington RM 4214 has to be the QuickStart Technology that makes it easier to start the gas chainsaw. Remington RM 4216 has an adjustable automatic oiler that increases the chain life. Also, it has a low kickback chain that increases your safety while working.

If you are looking for a gas-powered chainsaw with a longer blade then Poulan Pro PR4218 is a great choice. In addition to the 46cc 2 cycle engine, it features an 18-inch bar that cuts through the toughest wood quickly and easily.

This gas-powered chainsaw has a Quickstart Technology that is designed for easier, smoother, and quicker pull starts and is ideal for trimming and storm clean-up. Other features of the Poulan Pro PR4218 include 5-point Anti-Vibration System, Manual Chain Brake, Automatic Oiler, and Bucking Spikes.

I like the fact that this chainsaw has easy storage and maintenance as well as durable die-cast chassis that makes it withstand prolonged cutting tasks.

My final pick on this list of best chainsaw under 250 is SALEM MASTER . This is a powerful gas chainsaw that features a 16-inch bar that is strong enough to cut trees.

The SALEM MASTER 5820G has a two-cycle engine that is light but is fuel-efficient and strong enough to cut woods.

What we like about this gas-powered chainsaw is the i30 starting system that acts as a quick ignition. The saw starts easily, handles well, and generates enough power that makes it ideal for professionals.

Chainsaw safety features and operator safety requirements

Take note that chainsaws can be extremely dangerous power tools. The CDC estimates that 36000 people every year are treated in emergency rooms because of chainsaw related injuries. This is why you should follow operator safety requirements.

Before you even purchase your first saw, complete a chainsaw user course. This is vital and the importance of which cannot be overstated.

Before you use a chainsaw, make sure you read the user manual and wear personal protective equipment such as goggles, ear protection, chaps, and gloves. Also, users can wear a helmet and fit clothes before they start the saw.

Kickback injuries can occur to the neck, face, head, and shoulders leading to serious injuries that can be fatal. The chain brake helps prevent the saw’s cutting movement when a steel brake band is applied around the clutch drum.

You can use the on/ off switch to stop the engine from running which prevents the ignition coil from firing. Chainsaws have a safety throttle that prevents the machine from being run in case the trigger is unintentionally engaged by coming in contact with a branch.

Another safety feature is the centrifugal clutch that works by disengaging the chain from the engine when it is at idling speed.

It doesn’t matter if it is electric or gas powered chainsaw, routine maintenance, and cleaning are important in keeping the chainsaw in good working order. The chain should be checked regularly for and damage and sharpened or replace as necessary.

Before you begin using the chainsaw, check for cracks, leaks, or damage, then test the throttle, trigger lockout and stop switch. Make sure the chain is sharp.

After you complete the job, clean the chainsaw and pay attention to the cylinder fins and air filter. Proper chainsaw maintenance will ensure that its chain is sharp and well lubricated, thus preventing the risk of kickback.

Shopping for The Best Chainsaw Under 250 Dollars

Shopping for a chainsaw under $250 is not an easy task. While the above list has covered the best chainsaws that can be used by both a casual and professional user, there are plenty of other saws available on the market.

If you are confused about which chainsaw you should buy, then you should keep the following in mind. First, make sure you know the purpose or project you want to use the chainsaw for. Homeowners with simple garden tasks may choose an electric chainsaw.

On the other hand, if you have demanding jobs such as felling and bucking, you should choose a gas-powered chainsaw.

Second, consider the type of trees you will be cutting like birch, beech, dogwood, oak or hard maple. Third, choose the correct size guide bar depending on the task at hand. For example, if you want to prune your trees then choose a chainsaw with 12’’ to 16″guide bar length.

Depending on the trees that you are felling, you can choose a guide bar length of between 14’’ to 18.’’ The fourth and final factor to consider is the saw’s safety feature. You want to choose a chainsaw with as many safety features as possible to prevent the risk of kickback and injury while using it.

Hopefully, you can find the best chainsaw under 250 using these factors.

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