Best 16 Inch Chainsaw for the Money

I use a 16” chainsaw almost weekly to cut firewood because it is one of the best options for the home or casual user. To find out what I believe is the best 16 inch chainsaw for the money, please read on.

There is almost always work to be done around the home, whether it is repairs or upgrades. Some people prefer to hire someone to do all these while most prefer to do them themselves.

If you are the type that likes to do the work yourself, it’s always smart to have some necessary tools around the house; they always make work and life more comfortable.

One of these essential tools is a chainsaw. Chainsaws make woodwork easier, whether you want to trim those overgrown branches hanging loose, cut down a tree, or even cut that tree trunk into firewood for a cozy night by the fire.

Choosing the Best 16 Inch Chainsaw for the Money

What is the Best Cordless Chainsaw? This will surprise youBest 16 Inch Chainsaw for the Money

Choosing the right type of chainsaw depends on the kind of work that you want to handle. Chainsaws are categorized according to how they are powered, and that is in three ways: gas-powered, corded electric, and cordless electric chainsaws.

Gas Powered Chainsaws

Gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful and can handle more complex and intense work such as heavy and thick trees. These chainsaws are best suited to professionals who have vast experience and knowledge of handling such heavy saws and thus know how to work with these powerful machines.

The only disadvantages are that it is extremely noisy and cumbersome to handle. Some of the example brands that produce gas-powered chainsaws include STIHL and Husqvarna.

Electric chainsaws

The electric chainsaws, which are corded and cordless, handle light-duty work for domestic purposes such as branches and bushes around. The corded electric chainsaw is connected to a power outlet, which then powers it.

The disadvantage of this is movement is restricted unless there is an electrical extension. And it can also be dangerous to work in the rain due to electric shock hazards.

The advantages, however, are that the corded chainsaw has an ongoing supply of power since they are connected directly to an electricity source. These chainsaws are cheaper compared to gas-powered chainsaws; they do not produce a lot of noise and are lighter to handle.

The battery-powered electric chainsaw or the cordless chainsaw is also appropriate for domestic use. It has a battery that is charged by electricity, therefore, giving you a chance to be flexible in movement.

Battery charged chainsaws, however, do have a limit to how much time you can spend using them since they use a rechargeable battery that will run out of charge eventually.

They are quieter and lighter; however, they are in some cases more expensive than the corded machines.

Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaws, like any other power tool, should be handled with care, and one should know precisely how to use them to avoid accidents that could be fatal. About 95% of chainsaw injuries occur due to errors in operating them.

Wear protective gear while working with chainsaws such as working boots, chaps, protective gloves, and protective eyewear.

Size is also a factor to consider while choosing the perfect chainsaw for your needs. You want a size that will do the work required and is comfortable to hold and operate.

The best way to choose a suitable size chainsaw is to choose one that is 2 inches more than the average tree trunk you plan to work with. A 16-inch chainsaw is best for work at home since it’s a perfect balance between small and large chainsaw sizes

How to Choose the Best 16-inch Chainsaw model

What to look for when buying a chainsawn addition to your requirements and preferences, you have to be aware of what specifically to look for when purchasing a 16-inch chainsaw especially to decide on the best 16 inch chainsaw for the money

What do you intend to use the chainsaw for?

Since you are purchasing a home chainsaw, you’ll need one that is easy and straight forward to operate.  A lightweight chainsaw that is comfortable to use and easy to start will reduce the risks of any accidents.


Chainsaws are one of those machines that you just cannot avoid doing the maintenance on due to the bar and chain that might need constant cleaning out of debris, oiling, and sharpening.

A sharp chainsaw makes work easier and safer because it will cut smoothly. Gas-powered chainsaws might need more complex maintenance due to the gas engine. 

There are hundreds of 16 inch chainsaws out there, and finding the perfect one can be tedious. Worry not; there is no reason to go through all of them and reviews to find what you are looking for. Here is a simplified table of some of the best 16-inch chainsaws with reviews that will help you find the perfect chainsaw.

These are my top 5 recommendations.

The Husqvarna 440e is a powerful chain saw and is perfect for anybody with a farm or small ranch who require a more versatile and powerful saw.

It comes with an option to use an 18” or 20” bar with a 55.5 cc X-Torq engine which delivers powerful performance with lower emissions and great fuel economy.



  • Easy start system
  • Low vibration design
  • Powerful versatile saw
  • Reliable and affordable


  • Chain oil can leak
  • Weight – Gas saw are usually heavier.

The WORX WG303.1 is a great 16 inch corded electric chainsaw for the price. It has a 120V 14.5 Amp motor that is almost as powerful as a gas powered model.

The automatic chain tensioner and auto oiler means it is simple to operate, combined with the fact that there is no fuel to mix or store.

It has all the usual safety features including a low kickback bar and built in chain brake. Weighing just 11lbs and with a rubberized rear handle, it is easy and safe to use. This is one of the few Chinees saws I would recommend.


  • Great value for the price.
  • Lightweight and ergonomically easy to use.
  • Quieter and cleaner than gas-powered saws.


  • Range limited to the power cord.
  • Some users report chain oil leaks.

Greenworks Tools is a leader in high-quality battery-operated chainsaws and other outdoor tools.

The 40V Cordless Brushless 16” Chainsaw is no exception with a powerful Lithium-Ion it compares very favorably with similar sized gas models and will do up to 150 cuts per charge.

The brushless motor delivers low vibration and superior torque. The electric start, automatic oiler and chain tensioning system makes it a great saw for first-time home or casual users.


  • Battery operated
  • Quiet
  • Limited 4-years warranty


  • Battery and charger sold separately.

Poulan Pro PR4016 chainsaw is a powerful heavy-duty chainsaw at an affordable price. This is an ideal saw for cutting medium size trees, storm clean up and cutting firewood.

Powered by a 40cc engine with OxyPower technology for maximum power and efficiency. Uses 20% less fuel and 70% fewer emissions than similar size saws.



  • Very competitive price.
  • One of the most powerful chainsaws in its class.
  • Fuel efficient and lower emissions.


  • It can be difficult to start.
  • Some report pull cord breaking.

This Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS 14-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw is fitted with a 42cc engine which makes it suitable for cutting small trees and firewood.

The quick-start technology makes this saw easier to start, which is one of the main issues with gas-powered saws.

It has an automatic oiler and has the usual safety feature like chain brake, throttle lockout switch, and low-kickback. Although just a 14-inch guide bar it is still worth considering because it is so competitively priced. A 16-inch model is available with this model.


  • Very competitive price.
  • Automatic chain tension system.
  • 2-year limited warranty.


  • It has a 14 inch but a 16-inch bar is available..
  • The weight 22lbs so quite heavy.
  • It is noisy

Final thoughts:

Hopefully, this review will give you a good idea of the best 16 inch chainsaw for the money. The 16” is one of the most popular size saw because it is so versatile and the ideal fit for the home or casual user. Check out my top recommendation here.

A chainsaw is a powerful tool and can be dangerous if not handled correctly. I would always advise doing a safety course and making sure you have the correct safety gear before you attempt to use one.

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