Welcome and thank you for checking out my website dedicated to helping John Woodsyou find the best chainsaw and chainsaw accessories and safety gear for your needs.

I have always loved a real fire on a cold winter evening so I spend a lot of time cutting and processing firewood. Therefore I have years of experience using chainsaws as I have owned and use a number of different models over the years.

I have forestry on my own land that I use for firewood. I manage the forest so I can have a constant supply of firewood. I harvest and process the firewood myself so I have a lot of experience with all types of chainsaws and accessories.

I decided to create this website to help others choose the correct chainsaw for their needs and avoid the same mistakes I have made over the years.

firewoodThe biggest mistake I see folks making is going for the cheapest saw available. I did this when I purchased my first one and it was a disaster. Most cheap Chinese chainsaws fall into this category.

There is a good chance you will not be purchasing another chainsaw for some time so you need to choose wisely. When deciding on a single chainsaw to buy from the many that are available in the market it can be an overwhelming task. I hope my real unbiased guides and reviews will help make your task that much easier.


However, I am really an artist and I love creating art pieces using a chainsaw to create them. I am not very good at the moment but getting better. I love working with wood but I do some ice sculpture with mu chainsaw in winter.

Full disclosure: I do receive a small commission from the sale of specific products if you make a purchase but it does not impact the price you pay in any way.