What Is The Best Commercial Chainsaw? Get the Answer Here

Buying a commercial chainsaw requires a lot more research than a regular saw. Commercial chainsaws are chainsaws used for more demanding jobs compared to domestic chainsaws. For this reason, they are normally larger, heavier and will have longer bar and chain. So what is the best commercial chainsaw?

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Domestic chainsaws are only suitable for home and small-scale use. They are not as durable and are generally not built to handle the much tougher jobs normally undertaken by a professional forester or arborist.

What Is The Best Commercial Chainsaw

Aside from determining whether a chainsaw is for domestic or industrial purposes, you need to look at more features such as the power output, weight, size, and length of the bar chain. Price is a factor to consider as well, though most professional chainsaws are pricier yet worth every dime.

What You Need as a Professional User

Just because you have a great chainsaw does not mean you have officially graduated to a professional user. Firstly, you need to know the terms of owning a chainsaw per the laws of your country of residence.

This should be done before you purchase a saw as it makes sure that you are legally entitled to own a chainsaw. You will be required to complete a course on the operation and maintenance of a chainsaw in some cases.

Secondly, you need to know how to use other fundamentals that go with a professional chainsaw. From a wrench to a screwdriver, you need to know what goes where and when. You also need to have a sharpening kit and even a depth gauge and know how to use them. All the is covered on a good chainsaw course.

Most importantly, a chainsaw professional is not made overnight. It would help if you had some experience and, even better, know your way around the safety features. An expert is way different from a backyard chainsaw user.

While at home, you need to worry about keeping the chainsaw away from the kids, in the field, you will need to make sure that your chainsaw skills are safe for an entire community. It seems like a lot to consider, but the positive side is that with time, you get better at it.

What Is The Best Commercial Chainsaw Gas Powered or Cordless Electric?

The most asked question among professional chainsaw users is; between a gas-powered and a cordless electric chainsaw, which one is the best? Now, both types of chainsaws are amazing and have their place, but, in most circumstances, you will choose a gas-powered model.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

These are the most traditional type of chainsaws used by professionals. They are great for heavy-duty logging and are very durable as long as they are properly maintained. Most use an oil/gas mixture for fuel.

However, this type of chainsaw makes a lot of noise and has a gas smell from the exhaust and is something you have to contend with as you work. Some of the most powerful gas-powered chainsaws include:

Husqvarna 460

This is an excellent gas-powered chainsaw with a 2-cycle engine. The engine is built to bring forth optimum power and reduce work frustrations. It is also a high-speed machine of 9000rpm with very sharp blades to tackle thick logs.

Additionally, it has a cleaning system that gives room for dirt dispensation, which means less time needed to clean out the air filters.

Makita DCS6421RFG

This chainsaw has an easy starter, thanks to the automated half throttle. It is quite reliable with a 24.5oz fuel tank. The chainsaw is made of durable heavy metal which makes it an excellent option for heavy duty work. Its weight is 13.9lbs.


Echo CS-600P

Following closely is the Echo CS-600P, which is one of the most flexible gas chainsaws there is in the market today. It works at a speed of 13000 rpm, which is quite impressive, meaning heavy tasks will take a shorter time to get finished.


Jonsered CS2245

This is a gasoline fuelled chainsaw and among the most powerful of its kind. It gives out 2.8hp of power and works at a speed of 9000rpm. Given a clean power technology it utilizes, you will enjoy up to 20% of lower fuel consumption.


Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Though one of the small types of gasoline-powered chainsaws, its functionality is quite reliable. If you prefer the little in size-types of professional chainsaws, this should be your best option.


Cordless Chainsaws

On to the lighter versions, cordless chainsaws or battery powered chainsaws have been in the market since the early 2000s. In as much as their previous releases were majorly for small scale users, the recent ones are built to handle large tasks as well.

The main disadvantage of these chainsaws is the battery’s longevity once charged. Otherwise, they are lighter, less noisy, and quite flexible. They include:

Makita DUC353Z

This is one of the best cordless chainsaws for professional use. It is quite flexible and easy to use with a brushless motor that keeps the chainsaw from stuttering. It has two 180V batteries that ensure a constant supply of power. Thanks to the XPT technology (Extreme Protection Technology), this machine has an efficient guard against debris, water pollution, and dust.

Ryobi OCS1830

Though this one only has an 18V power capacity, it is still quite reliable and has an automatic oiling ability that keeps it running longer than other rivals. Thanks to brushless technology, you will enjoy less noise, 40% more runtime, and 20% more power.

Bosch Universal Cordless Chainsaw

This one is for those who love lightweight options that still promise excellent power. It is only 3kgs in weight and even has a power capacity of 18V.

Black+Decker 36v Cordless Chainsaw

Though still a lightweight choice, its 36V power capacity allows it to take on more demanding tasks than its 18V brothers. Given its higher power, you will find it more expensive than the 18V options, but its efficiency is worth the price difference.

Stihl MSA 120C 36v

There are two versions of this model whose difference is the type of batteries they use. The cheaper version uses AK batteries while its stronger counterpart uses AP batteries. This difference does affect their power retention and strength, but both are great choices.

What Types of Chainsaws are Available for a Professional User?

Generally, a professional user will have to choose between a gas-powered, corded, and cordless chainsaw. The corded chainsaw is a bit restrictive and so may not allow you to carry it to the forest, but you can use it to cut your logs into smaller pieces once they are transported to the warehouse.

The most reliable option is the gas-powered chainsaws since you can always carry extra gasoline when you think that the work might last a whole day far from a power outlet. Otherwise, the other two options are still good and environmentally friendly.

Chainsaw Safety Features

The number one safety measure to apply when handling a chainsaw on the field is making sure that you:

  1. Have completed a chainsaw course.
  2. Have all the recommended safety gear.
  3. Make sure the saw is properly maintained.
  4. Avoid working alone.
  5. Have a first aid kit available.

In addition, make sure that the chainsaw is off when you are not using it and the chain scabbard is in place. Keep it away from children. Make sure you know how to use a professional machine before you go out into the forest. It is safer to practice with the domestic and smaller versions before you graduate to the bigger and more sophisticated models.

Read all the safety rules on your manufacturer’s manual to make sure that you are not missing anything.

In Conclusion What Is The Best Commercial Chainsaw?

Personally I would recommend you get a Husqvarna 455 Rancher. This is the brand I use now and recommend.


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