Best Small Gas Chainsaw Which is Best For You

Best Small Gas Chainsaw

Whether for professional or home use, small gas chainsaws are the way to go. Hopefully, this review will help you find the best small gas chainsaw for your needs.

They are easy to carry because they are light. They are also almost noiseless. These chainsaws are very practical especially if you are planning to go for a trip to a cabin in the woods and you want to take advantage of the wood to fuel your stove or fire.

Then I suggest getting yourself one of these small chainsaws. They are also easy to maintain because of their small size. For professional lumberjacks, these tools are ideal for smaller jobs without the hassle of carrying heavy machinery to work. This a list of the best gas chainsaws.

The best small gas chainsaw for home use.


Anhoney 58CC 4HP Gas Chainsaw

This is a 20- inch chainsaw that is suitable for home use. The 58cc engine enables it to be perfect for home use. You can use around your garden to make cuts on medium and small-sized trees giving your garden and home a more organized look.

It has an asymmetrical handle which simply means you have a good grip on it reducing any ergonomic issues. The technology used to make the engine has proven to reduce fuel consumption by a massive 20%. Other than that, it has an automatic oil procedure where you do not have to oil the chain as the machine does it automatically.

Special features

1. Has an asymmetrical handle
2. Has a 58 cc engine best for home use
3. Has an automatic oil change mechanism


Greenworks 10-inch 24V Cordless chainsaw

This is a chainsaw that has a translucent tap that allows you to view the oil level. It is a 10-inch saw which makes it very small and light. It can be carried anywhere with ease. It is perfect for cutting small branches making your home garden neat and organized.

It is perfect for DIY projects in your home. This chainsaw has an automatic oil changing system. The chainsaw is not very noisy so you will not be distracting your neighbors or your family. The GreenWorks company offers a 2-year warranty.

Special features:

Has a 2 year warranty
Has an automatic oil changing system
It has a translucent tap 



This is a 12-inch tool that has a 40 cc engine perfect for home use. It is a stress-free tool that enables you to work efficiently as it is a powerful saw for its size. It also has the option of batteries. OR can use them if you are not comfortable using gas. The chainsaw is also very quiet and does not produce gas smells. The batteries also last long when in use.

Special features:

1. It has the option of being battery powered.
2. It does not smell.
3. It is relatively light and quiet.


3 gas chainsaws for professional use

Ladyiok 20 inch saw

This chainsaw has a powerful 62 cc powerful engine suitable for professional use. The engine has an impressive speed of 8500 rpm. You should not worry about overheating when using this chainsaw because it can control the heat.

The chains on this machine are strong and resistant to wear and tear. The handle on this bad boy is extremely comfortable and you should not worry about securing it.

Special features:

1. Has a powerful 62 cc engine
2. The engine speed is 8500 rpm
3.  It can regulate heat


Oregon Cordless Saw

This is a cordless tool meaning you do not have to worry about working close to the source. You can comfortably take it to your workplace. It is efficient when making cuts on trees. It is lightweight. The chainsaw also does not make any sounds when cutting. You also have the option of using its batteries.

Special features:

1. It is cordless
2. Does not make sounds
3. You can use batteries


Huyosen gas powered chainsaw

The chainsaw is highly efficient because it uses gasoline. It is turned on by the simple push of a button. The chainsaw also has a safety button that protects against false starts. The machine is extremely to use and the powerful engine can cut through any sized tree.


Key features:

1. It is extremely efficient.
2. Has a convenient safety button.
3. Started by a button push.


TANAKA- small gas chainsaw

It is an 18-inch gas chainsaw.  It has a 40cc 2 stroke engine. The brand has a 7 year warranty making it one of the best in the business. It reduces gas emissions and has zero smell. Apart from that, it is extremely light meaning you can carry it easily over a long distance. It also has an anti-vibration body.


Safety precautions that should be observed using and type of chainsaw.

1. You are advised to use these gas-powered chainsaws in ventilated areas to avoid fumes.

2. Read the manual before operating these machines

3. When using them, it is advised that you use the correct safety gear, gloves, headwear, and boots.

4. When you start cutting, you are advised to have both hands on the tool

5. Be cautious when fuelling, move it away from the point of fuelling.

6. Make sure the chain is in good condition and sharp and has the correct tension.

7. You should be in the right state of mind when operating it

8. You should not allow people to be near you when in use.

9. Attend a chainsaw operators course before you even purchase a saw.



When you purchase your chainsaw whether for home use or casual use make sure you understand how they work. You are operating on gasoline which is dangerous and highly flammable. You should have some knowledge when it comes to operating these machines. I advise getting one that is light yet compact. Your safety should be at the forefront.


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