Best Chainsaw For Cutting Ice Blocks or Ice Fishing

If you need to cut ice blocks or clear a section of ice then a chainsaw is one option to consider because it can get the job done. But what is the best chainsaw for cutting ice you may ask? Well, any good quality saw should be up to the task.

Best Chainsaw For Cutting Ice
Chainsaw cutting into block of ice for sculpture

Operating a chainsaw can be a dangerous business and even more so if you are cutting ice. Because you are reaching down to the ice there is the danger of kickback. Also, you need to ensure you are not standing on the ice block you are cutting. I know it sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many forget this.

I would recommend you look for at least a 24 inch guide bar or longer, 36″ is what I like to use, as will give you the extra reach so you will not have to bend over as much. It will also depend on the thickness of the ice you intend to cut.

Many will recommend an ice saw for cutting ice and they are fine if you only need to cut small about of ice or for ice fishing. 


Here are a few of the best chainsaws for cutting ice.


Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
I have to say I am a big fan of Husky chainsaws and the Rancher is an excellent saw. It will cut through ice just as easily as wood.  The 24″ guide bar is ideal for cutting ice and is also capable of felling large trees with ease.

It has the usual Husqvarna features like an automatic chain oiler and quick chain adjustment plus a quick-release air filter system that makes it easy to clean and replace.

This chainsaw is relatively heavy at 21lbs.


OJENAS Gas-Powered 070 Chain Saw
This is a monster of a chainsaw with a 2 Stroke 105cc 4.8KW engine.  This powerful motor will give an amazing performance and will cut through the thickest ice or wood with ease especially when fitted with a 36-inch bar and chain.

This a very heavy saw at 29 lbs.
It does not include the bar.

ICE SAW – 42″ Blade

This one is wholly meant for cutting through ice. Its blades vary in size from roughly 42 inches through to 44 inches. With this saw, it is possible for you to cut any size or shape of holes without any undue hindrances. Moreover, it does not emit any smelly gases or oil so it is environmentally friendly.

Some points to look out for when cutting ice with a chainsaw.

1. In addition to the usual protective gear required when operating a chainsaw like a helmet with a visor and logger boots, good quality chaps are a must. Keep in mind also that the saw will generate al lot of slush and water spray.

2. You should drain the chain oil reservoir before you start as the oil will pollute the water and is harmful to the wildlife. Biodegradable bar oil is a good alternative. Many do not use oil at all as the water will lubricate the chain sufficiently.

3. Ice and snow that is dirty or muddy will dull the chain very quickly. While clean snow or pure ice has little to no effect on the chain.

4. It is important to clean, dry and oil the saw after cutting ice as the bar, chain, clutch and bearings will rust if they are left wet for any length of time.



What is the best chainsaw for cutting ice? In my opinion, I would go for the Husqvarna Rancher. You really cannot go wrong with the Husky. They produce great chainsaws and have excellent customer service.

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