Best 80cc chainsaw – Which is should you buy?

If you intend to spend your weekend trimming branches on your trees then a basic chainsaw might be the right tool for you. But things are a little different for a more professional user and you will be looking for best 80cc chainsaw available.

A professional chainsaw will be needed if you are a forestry guy who regularly goes in the woods to cut trees that are over 60 feet tall. Such a chainsaw should be capable of enduring years of felling large trees in the toughest environments.

Best 80cc chainsaw

The term ‘professional’ is used to refer to those products with the longest durability and excellent quality, and there are plenty of chainsaws that fall in this category out there. Professional chainsaws are usually defined by their power output.

We understand that electric chainsaws provide immense power most of the time but we will narrow the scope of this post only to the commonly used gas-powered professional saws.

When dealing with professional chainsaws, four factors are considered: durability, quality, bar length, and the size of the engine. Professional chainsaws are also heavier compared to the common homeowner saws.

However, weight isn’t really a factor because the best chainsaws should be light to permit tree climbing. Professional chainsaws are costlier compared to their residential counterparts, and buying one is a huge investment.

There is a wide variety of professional chainsaws to pick from, and figuring out the best saw for your needs can be a tough task. Do not worry if the selection process seems confusing or overwhelming to you, consider narrowing the selection factors to performance, price, features, specs, and design.

Guide to buying the best 80cc chainsaw

As you would expect, there is a relationship between the brand of the saw and the price you’ll pay for it – more established brands tend to overprice their products. But this could come with a quality benefit because a famous brand is more likely to observe higher quality standards.

The leading chainsaw brands in the world are STIHL and Husqvarna; other relatively common manufacturers are Poulan, McCulloch, and Echo.


We tested a range of chainsaws in the market and came up with a list of 3 best in my opinion professional chainsaws listed below:


1. Husqvarna 390XP (36 inches) 88cc Professional Chainsaw
If you are looking for a professional chainsaw designed to handle almost any kind of tree cutting work, Husqvarna 390XP is the most robust chainsaw you can ever pick. It was with both larger and smaller jobs in mind. And it delivers just the right power to handle more demanding jobs.

Its X-Torq engine provides maximum torque and an array of RPMs. Regardless of the immense power, it is easier to handle than you can imagine.


2. Makita EA7901PRZ1 79cc Chainsaw
Makita EA7901PRZ1 is made for commercial-oriented jobs as well as professional tree cutting, and for that reason, it is packed with enough power to handle pretty anything a regular user will throw at it.

The onboard 79cc 2-stroke engine delivers a powerful performance without polluting the environment or guzzling the fuel.


3. Husqvarna 460 24 inch Rancher
The largest and toughest jobs require a heavy-duty chainsaw like Husqvarna 460 24 inch Rancher. This chainsaw is also made from lightweight material which makes it a perfect arboreal saw. The ergonomic design prevents you from straining while using it.


Best 80cc chainsaw buying guide

If you are out there shopping for a professional chainsaw, look for these things:

1. Power
You need a chainsaw with at least 55cc engine. Such an engine is powerful enough to bring down the toughest lumber you’ll ever encounter. However, you should ensure that the quality of the chain matches the power of the motor in the engine. A weak chain will break easily.

2. The toughness of the chainsaw
The chainsaw should be capable of taking great punishment with ease. Such a hardy yet dangerous tool should be under an equally tough casing that doesn’t break or crack easily regardless of age. For this reason, we advise buyers to buy the tools from a reputable manufacturer that guarantees long term warranty on the chainsaw.

Bottom line
Was this chainsaw buying guide helpful to you? Please let me know. I am dedicated to making continuous changes to this guide to help you make the right decisions at any time, so feedbacks from you are essential in helping me edit, expand, and grow this guide as time goes.

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